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Boneham Engineering Consultants

Plant Care - Safety - Inspectors - Auditors - Investigators

About Us

In September 2012 Brett Boneham left the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) after 17 years there as a Special Inspector of Mines (Machinery). For many years Brett had a dream and goal of running his own business and following his passion for making mining safer.

Shortly after leaving the DMP he joined Farleys WA Pty Ltd (Farleys) and was taken under the wing of Peter Farley, the founder and director of Farleys. Peter had been trying to get Brett to join him for years and saw him as a worthy successor to the Farleys business. A deal was struck and Brett bought the Farleys business and launched his own enterprise, Boneham Engineering Consultants.

Since then the business has grown and besides Brett, the inspection team has grown with Jack Howden and Kevin Darch joining as a Classified Plant Inspectors. The services offered by Boneham Engineering Consultants are essentially very similar to the former Farleys business except that additional services commensurate with Brett's and Jack's qualifications and experience are also offered.

By engaging Boneham Engineering Consultants it's like having your own personal team of Inspectors of Mines (Machinery) working for you.

The combination of knowledge and experience in mining and plant safety is unique.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you.

Office Location

45 Northerly Avenue, Ascot WA 6104