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Conveyor Guarding Requirements

The Mines Safety & Inspection Regulations 1995 (MSIR 1995) requirements for guarding of plant including conveyors are covered under Regulations (reg/s.) 4.4 (3) and 6.2 (2) (f).

reg. 4.4 (3) requires any moving machinery at a mine which creates a risk of injury to an employee through inadvertent contact to be screened or guarded to prevent such contact.

The big issue with respect to guarding has been with respect to non-fastened or "lift-off" guards. Some designers and EPCM's have and are not observing the aforementioned regs. and are following a clause within the Australian Standard (AS) AS 1755 (Now superseded by AS 4024:3610-2015 & AS 4024:3611-2015), which allows the provision of "lift-off " type guards.

The bottom line is that "lift-off" guards do not comply with the requirements of reg. 6.2 (2) (f).

Refer to the link below from the Department of Mines & Petroleum (DMP) web site.