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What is a Multi-purpose Machines (MPM)?

Typically MPMs are Integrated Tool Carriers (ITC) Machines and Telescopic Handler Machines (THM).

The DMP has issued a Safety Bulletin and two articles in its Resources Safety Matters publication covering its current position with respect to these machines.

Essentially if a MPM has a Work Platform attached, it is deemed to be a Mobile Elevating Work (MEWP / EWP) and is Classified Plant. It is required to meet the requirements of the applicable Australian Standard (AS) AS 1418.10 and is required to be registered in accordance with the requirements of MSIR 1995 - reg. 6.34.

Typically ITC machines do not meet the requirements of the AS. If you're using ITCs with Work Platform attachments you need to familiarize yourself with the latest information from the DMP.

We can help.