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Boneham Engineering Consultants

Plant Care - Safety - Inspectors - Auditors - Investigators

Services & Products

We are growing a range of services and products to assist your business in achieving and maintaining compliance with statutory requirements and help in ensuring your plant is safe. Our most popular services and products are shown below.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on these services and products, or if you're unsure about a topic get in touch and we'll try and help you as best we can.

Classified Plant Registration, Inspection & Record Keeping

We can assist you with applications, submissions for the registration of classified plant with regulatory authorities such the Department of Mines & Petroleum - Resources Safety Division (DMP) or Worksafe WA.

The inspection of classified plant is the primary service we offer.

Classified Plant includes: Cranes, Hoists, Lifts, Pressure Vessels, Boilers etc.

We can set-up inspection and record keeping systems for both statutory, and duty of care classified plant requirements in accordance with the Mines Safety & Inspection Regulations 1995 (MSIR) and Occupational Safety & Health Regulations 1996 (OSHR).

So whether you're a mine operator, contractor or non-mining enterprise, we can assist you.

General Plant Inspections

To comply with the requirements of the MSIR, inspections and assessments of plant must be performed to identify hazards/ risks associated with the introduction and use of the plant at the workplace.

We have extensive experience with inspecting and assessing plant for compliance.

Heavy Vehicle/ Maintenance Stands

We can inspect stands used for supporting mobile & fixed mining equipment.

General Safety

There are numerous Safety Bulletins and Significant Incident Reports issued by DMP which require inspections and assessments of plant and workplaces.

We can inspect and assess your plant and workplaces pursuant to the requirements of the MSIR, OSHR and applicable Australian Standards (AS).

Safety Auditing

We have extensive experience in auditing and Brett Boneham holds qualifications as a Lead Auditor.

The DMP have a Management Systems audit as well as numerous High Impact Function Audits (HIFA).

Brett Boneham was involved in the development of several of those audits e.g. Classified Plant Administration and the Exploration Drilling Safety.

Besides being able to undertake those audits we have developed a Conveyor Guarding Safety Audit, which is the most comprehensive audit you'll find based on the requirements of the MSIR and applicable AS.

Beside that, we can develop audits to suit your needs.

Exploration & Drilling Safety

Brett Boneham has worked on several committees, working groups and boards relating to exploration and drilling safety. He has also contributed to the published DMP Exploration & Drilling Code of Practice (CoP).

Boneham Engineering Consultants can inspect, audit and report on your exploration activities in terms of compliance with the Mines Safety & Inspection Act 1994 (MSIA), MSIR and the DMP Exploration & Drilling CoP.

Shaft Sinking & Winding Installation Submissions

If you are considering or planning any shaft sinking work, we can assist with the preparation of submissions and assess your winding installations and operations in terms of DMP requirements. If you require exemptions from certain requirements we can assist with those as well.

Incident / Accident Investigation

Brett Boneham has investigated fatal mining accidents, serious accidents and incidents. He holds qualifications in investigation methods and has assisted in several prosecutions. Brett has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He can assist you in all aspects of investigations.

Hazard Identification / Risk Management

We can undertake hazard identification programs and perform risk assessments on new, existing plant and work practices at your operations.


We can provide your employees, supervisor and management with training in the requirements of the MSIA and MSIR, in particular with Classified Plant.

Training presentations and workshops can be customised for your specific needs.

Professional Advice

We provide professional and honest advice in respect to the requirements of the MSIA and MSIR. If you have any safety issues at your workplace, even if not related to plant, we can assist you.

We recommend that before procuring any new classified plant, you ensure Boneham Engineering Consultants are involved at the front end of the process to assist in ensuring the new plant is compliant with regulations and you are provided with the appropriate documentation.

Products available:

Crane / Hoist Plant Log Books

We have these excellent Overhead Crane / Hoist Plant Log Books available. They include sections for Daily, Routine & Statutory inspections, recording of faults & maintenance & are A4 size.

Generic Plant Log Books

We have these excellent Generic Plant Log Books available. They are A4 size.

Generic Fixed Cranes Operator's & Maintenance Manuals

These are a replacement manual in the event of the original manual being lost & unobtainable. Developed for a range of fixed type powered cranes including bridge, gantry, jib & monorails. They are a valuable reference manual for anyone involved with the operation and maintenance of fixed cranes.

Aqualock - Rigid PVC Weatherproof Log Book & Operator's Manual Case

Legislation & Australian Standards (AS) require certain plant to have pre-operation inspections, performed & recorded & operator's manuals to be available.

Pressure Relief Valves & Pressure Safety Devices with Certification & I.D. Tagging.

We can assess, supply & fit new pressure relief valves and other pressure safety devices to most pressure vessels/ pressure equipment.