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Boneham Engineering Consultants

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Pressure vessel inspection

Vertical & Horizontal Air Receivers like this one are typical pressure vessels found at workplaces.

They require periodic inspections in accordance with Australian Standards. Besides that the MSIR requires Statutory inspections of these kinds of pressure vessels if the internal volume exceeds 150 Litres.

Internal inspections of smaller air receivers with small openings is usually not a problem. We utilize a range of endoscopic/ boroscopic cameras for smaller vessels. 

Horizontal air receiver pressure vessel

Over Head Electric Travelling Cranes (OHETC) & typically most kinds of cranes & hoists are required to have periodic (Annual) inspections performed by a third party.

#Multipurpose Machine #Integrated Tool Carrier #Crane Jib Attachment

Multipurpose machines, Telescopic Handlers and Integrated Tool Carriers (ITC) used with crane jib attachments like this one & work basket/ platforms are subject to similar requirements as mobile cranes & EWPs. If your site has these and you want to find what you need to do about them feel free to get in touch.

Supply of pressure relief valves and pressure safety devices.

Pressure relief valves and other pressure safety devices typically require replacement or servicing/re-calibration/certification within prescribed periods of time.

We frequently undertake supplying and fitting of certified and tagged pressure relief valves.